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Welcome to "The Abs Guide," where you'll find a wealth of no-nonsense information on getting those great looking abs that you've always wanted.

We've created "the abs guide" to provide you with real "tried and tested" methods that you can use today to start developing strong, great looking abdominals that you'll be proud of. There is a lot of misinformation out there on what really works in developing six pack abs. In creating "The Abs Guide" we really wanted to cut out all rubbish and get to the heart of proven systems that provide both short and long term results.

So, if you're a woman who's wanting flat sexy stomach muscles, or a man who's looking to gain rippling, flab free, 6-pack abs, then you've come to the right place.

Abdominals - The focus or centrepiece of the body. It's a part of the human physique that many who are concerned about their physical appearance have become obsessed with. Why? Well, you can look pretty good with bulging biceps, broad shoulders or a gorgeous slim tanned build. However, nothing quite matches a flat firm stomach or lean rippling abs when it comes to having a very attractive body. The wonderful thing about the process of developing defined abs is that you'll not only improve your physical appearance, but you'll also gain greater heath, energy and confidence. It's hard to put a value on that.

As you may know, living in our modern western culture, with it's fast paced lifestyle and quick processed food, actually achieving toned or ripped abs is easier said than done. The advertisers and infomercial salespeople would have us believe that it's a breeze to do it, in 10 minutes per day, with their latest ab gadgets. The reality is that most of them are worthless when it comes to really getting results.

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When you do learn the right way to create the abs you want, you'll find it to be a fairly simple process, and you'll be able to focus on the action steps to get there. So look around our site and check out the variety of articles and resources we recommend on getting, and keeping, a great looking set of abdominals!

To your health and success!

Richard Beale