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How To Get Ripped Abs - Quick
Getting ripped abs quick - Is it possible?

Obviously lean ripped abs are very desirable, and well worth working towards attaining, so wouldn't it be great to get ripped abs quick. I mean WAY quicker than normal. I'd love to be able to say that there's a lightning fast shortcut method, but it'd be a lie, and we're here to reveal the truth about six pack abs. Any article or website that promises you super methods or tricks to get ripped abs quick, or how to attain lean defined abdominals in maybe a week or two, is simply trying to sell you false hope and lies. There. I've said it. But wouldn't you rather have the truth than a "mirage" of disappointment.

Of course, when you think about it, if gettig six pack abs was quick and easy, they'd be so much more common, and therefore much less desirable as something to aspire to. It wouldn't be the great achievement that it's now seen as. The reality is that getting ripped abs or even flat defined abs takes dedication and self-discipline to stick with the necessary diet and exercise plan.

Discipline! Surely not? If that word sends a chill through your spine, don't worry. Mant people in today's society associate the word discipline with a loss of freedom. In actual fact, self-discipline GIVES you freedom. If you think about it, a total lack of self-discipline (the ultimate couch potato syndrome) would ultimately result in a total LOSS of freedom. When you can build your desire to achieve something really worthwhile, such as ripped abs, then you'll find so much it easier to follow the right diet and exercise plan. In fact as you see the results, your fat disappearing and your abs emerging, it won't seem at all hard and you'll have an increased energy to stick with it.

When someone gives up on working towards a goal, it's usually because their desire isn't strong enough. They haven't made their dream or goal a "must have" rather than simply a "would like to have" and so their perseverance fades. We want to concern ourselves with truth and with what REALLY works and avoid any self-deception. So, when it comes to getting ripped abs quick, give yourself a realistic time frame to developing lean defined abdominals.

Give yourself 10 to 12 weeks of consistent effort on a proven diet and exercise plan, and you'll see some very encouraging results. Make an agreement with yourself to make this a lifelong lifestyle plan and the results will astound you. Just imagine how you'll look and feel in 6 to 12 months time. That's not long really, especially when you consider that those abdominal covering layers of flab and fat covering didn't get there over the last week or two. It's ususally a result of years of just sightly more calories going in than being burnt off. No-one gets ripped abs in 2 or 3 weeks "just in time" to hit the beach in summer, so relax about the timframe and enjoy the process. The steady improvements you'll notice when you look in the mirror will be very satisfying.

Having said all this, the speed of results you'll get have a HUGE amount to do with the diet and exercise program you use. It's absolutely critical to choose a PROVEN abs program designed by an expert who has specialised in this field AND achieved great results with a wide range of clients. The abs program that receives our highest recommendation is "The Truth About Six Pack Abs." It REALLY delivers the ultimate system for developing ripped abs in the quickest and most reliable way.

Source: Original article by Richard Beale July 2008

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